Insanity Workout

Insanity Workout

Are you ready to get Insanity Workout and take their 60 day challenge? Check out the video below THEN decide:

The Insanity Workout product is a phenomenal 60 day health and fitness program made by a widely known private health and fitness trainer called Shaun Thompson, a.k.a. Shaun T. It could probably be the most demanding fitness routine to ever be put in a DVD format. Shaun T will encourage you and drive you past your perceived limits on your way to obtaining the hardest body you have had in you life.

Insanity conditioningWhere Can You Get Insanity Workout System?

There are basically 4 valid spots you can easily get Insanity Workout system. Three of the four has distinct perks. See below:.

# 1. Direct from the Manufacturer, BeachBody, LLC (see link below).
# 2. Authorized Beachbody “Coach” Dealerships
# 3. Amazon
# 4.Unofficial Sites.

Now the purpose of this blog post is to educate you on the advantages and disadvantages of buying the Insanity Workout System via these four options above.

Insanity Workout

Now, let’s begin to discuss the purchasing this system from the producer. As stated, Beachbody, LLC is the supplier of the Insanity Workout system. They educate and license individual coaches to sell their whole line of Beachbody items on their own independent company websites.

Just how can you tell who is an authorized coach to get Insanity Workout system from off their individual internet sites?

That’s simple. When you click the “Buy” or “Yes, I Want To Take The Insanity Challenge” button on their site, you will certainly be taken to the manufacturer’s SECURED checkout page that has this (inside of quotes):” https: / / ” in the beginning of their internet address in your web browser. That’s how you know you will be buying from a safe site.

insanity workoutThe most affordable price that Beachbody permits their coaches and Amazon to sell the Insanity Workout system for is $ 119.85, plus freight and handling, which will run in the neighborhood of $ 25, for a sum total of less than $ 145.00, not including taxation in the USA. The benefit of acquiring it from the maker or its authorized coaches is that you can easily opt for the 3 month payment plan, plus you receive a 60 day money back guarantee to try it out. If you go for the payment regimen, your very first payment will be $ 64.90, followed by 2 months of payments of $ 39.95 at 30 days, then again at 60 days out. If you do not see results after using it, simply return the whole system within that 60 days, no questions asked and you will obtain a complete refund minus the shipping & handling costs.

Insanity Workout

Now let’s consider what could happen if you were to get Insanity Workout system from unofficial sites. Lots of people that desire to get Insanity Workout system, search for places/sites in chances of buying it for less than the $ 119.85. If you are just one of those, BEWARE. There are numerous sites out there that claim to have legit Insanity Workout systems for sale for less than the $119.85 mandated by the supplier. You may even see offers too good to be true. PURCHASER BEWARE! These are not safe and secure websites and you will likely lose your money, and then some. You will absolutely not have a 60 day money back guarantee nor a monthly payment plan. You most likely will not also get Insanity workout delivered to your door. I would think that you would not wish to take that risk.

My recommendation would be to go the SAFE route and buy from the first 3 options, however with the 3rd option, you will not get the 3 month payment period or 60 money back guarantee.


You can get Insanity Workout system from just about any of the places mentioned above, but, if you choose to purchase from the main site or an authorized coach (see hyperlink below), your purchase will be safe and you have the option to pick the payment plan, plus you will have their 60 day money back guarantee. That is a good Risk-Free way to trial the item at a relatively small cost. For your comfort, you can also check out the insanity workout review page.

Below here is the hyperlink to the manufacturers SECURED checkout page:

Insanity Workout